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The studio

Ian Nataf Architect is a boutique firm based in Montreal.

With 10 years of practice, Ian Nataf has dedicated his work to the realization of residential architecture with a contemporary aesthetic.  

Over the past few years, the studio has developed great expertise in the renovation, transformation and construction of quality buildings.

The sensitive approach to forms and materials and the particular attention paid to details are the result of meticulous monitoring during the development and execution of each project.

The office’s design process is both precise and exploratory, underpinned by research, technical expertise and collaboration with clients, consultants and builders. The culture of the studio is geared towards collaboration and the sharing of ideas.


Ian Nataf (OAQ Architect and founder)

Maude Orban (OAQ Architect)

Anna Paola Bossi (M.Arch.)

Rosalyn Dunkley (M.Arch.)

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